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Our Family


Homemade, for over 20 years.

Authentic, freshly-made Italian cuisine.


With traditional Italian cooking from Italy, Chef Franca DiRenzo delights all who visit Tre Scalini with rustic + tasty delicacies.


Tre Scalini is an example of the most traditional Italian fare, a place where food is the focus and is enjoyed in a delightful setting surrounded by family traditions.

Since 1994, through her menu, Chef Franca DiRenzo, creatively exhibits gastronomic traditions from her region of Moise (once part of Abbruzzo), located in the Appennini Mountains in the center of Italy, with close proximity to Rome and Naples.

Chef Franca DiRenzo rustically employs simple traditions along with delicacies typical of her region such as fresh cheeses, cured meats, polenta, fresh pasta, wild mushrooms, truffles, veal, game meats, as well as fresh seafood + fish.

Some specialties include: polenta, seasonal vegetable preparations, parpadelle with cinghiale (wild boar), pasta with tartufo (truffle), saffron gnocchi, braised rabbit, baby goat, quail + a traditional “zuppa di pesce.”